Can I chmod /usr/local/bin/curl?


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The version of curl that's on my DirectAdmin-based VPS is in /usr/local/bin and isn't owned by any rpm. This leads me to believe it's there as part of DirectAdmin. I was planning to "chmod go-rx" the file to remove one avenue of use by a hacker, but it's owned by root and I wonder if that would prevent DA from being able to use it. The directadmin daemons run as "nobody" so it seems likely I'd break something by doing that.

In any case, is this technique really useful any longer as part of a layered defense?
Hi Leo,

This is a good question. I think it might be a good idea to chmod curl and try to click things like license update and check for software updates in DA interface. If you'll see any errors, then this will mean that DA uses exact this copy of curl if no errors then... you can leave it disabled ;)

As a note, this seems to have worked as far as I can tell. I ran an update on DirectAdmin last night and it says it was successful.