California & Texas servers



I was looking at the vps plans. California vps are with double bandwidth. Is that bandwidth by cali vps not good. I am confused what's the difference in premium bandwidth & bandwith with cali servers. What's the advantage of one over other in respect to bandwidth. Help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the reference. Ok, so texas one is premium and cali is congent. But I still not able to figure out what's the difference between 2. How is taxas one is better than cali. Is there any serious problems using congent over premium. I need to have some elaboration on the matter before going to any conclusion.
Double bandwidth in California is our current promotion that may be either ended or prolonged at any point of time. As of today if you subscribe to our west coast VPS you'll get double bandwidth for the life of your VPS account with us.
We're using the following bandwidth providers:
- in Texas we use mix of InterNap and Level3;
- in California we have mix on Verio (NTT) and Cogent.

Historically quality of InterNap and Level3 was higher than, say, Cogent but this doesn't mean that Cogent is that bad. Latency might be a bit higher on routes coming through Cogent but there is no packet loss or anything like that. Also Verio has approximately the same level of bandwidth quality as InterNap/Level3, so the bandwidth mix we have in California allows to have good speeds and quality.

PS I was wondering what will happen if we'll run a promo like "double RAM on VPS-M plan", will we get similar questions like "Does this mean that RAM allocated to the VPS-M product is not good"? ;)

Ya, I think you should come up with some packages with double ram & some packages with double bandwidth.

I was looking at a2b2 & knownhost which are making me little confused in decision... You both got excellent reviews over WHT, you both have excellent support... Prices are similar too but they providing more webspace. The only thing I don't like about them is admin over there preffer to upgrade all of the package instead of just portions like increasing ram at a time... One more thing I like about your more was when I talked to sales rap on your live chat, I was told that you people makes backups by yourself & in time if my site is hacked or something, then you people provide full backups for free... With a2b2, what I could gather was we have to pay for full backups separately on the same package prices (their same package prices give only 1GB of free backup)..

I think if you just increase the disk space in packages for the same price then you may get more signups to your VPS like me :). I think Just attaching more hardisk won't be much of a harm since you packages will have same ram & Bandwidth...

I have one question... Are you VPS on 100mbs connection or 10mbs?

We will take your suggestions and discuss them internally. Regarding disk space it is probably the most underused resource so many run specials on it as it means nothing but adds fluff to their special. Do you require more Disk Space then one of our plans has in it? Comparing us to a2b2 I would say focus on the network we utilize and also of course the reviews. a2b2 is a good host with experience just like KnownHost. We both have a lot of experience in the VPS world.

We use 100 mbit ports and cap VPS's at 10 mbit but if you need this limit lifted we can do that upon your request. We do this to help protect customers from overage bills which can sky rocket with a DDOS attack for example. I hope these answers were useful.

Just want to step in if you don't mind ;) As you mentioned we do create backups for all VPS accounts we host and this is one of the things that adds its toll into the disk space limit in our plans. When you sell, say 20 GB VPS and customer uses all the disk space (yes, we have good number of customers with close to 100% usage of disk space limit) and then create and keep backups of such VPSs this may easily bring total disk usage from 20GB to 100GB or even more - depends on how often data is changed inside the VPS. In other words it is much easier to offer high disk space limits for providers who don't care about backups. In our opinion data safety is important and we specifically selected the route where we can, at least, try to protect customer's data from possible disasters as much as we can as such we might offer a bit lower disk space limits for our products but we want to make sure that our customers can sleep at night knowing that even if physical hardware fail we still can bring customer's data back online.

Thanks. These are very satisfying answers... I am currently on hosting service & I was thinking from switching to VPS since my mailing lists are growing day by day... My forum has > 1000 users now & other mailing list which is from my music site is about > 1000 users as well. I was thinking to switch to VPS since hosting people are pretty sesitive against sending > 200 mails at one time.... I was thinking about VPS Mtx with DirectAdmin. I usually use 20-40GB Bandwith & around 3-5 GB space... So I was thinking 128mb RAM would be good anough for me... The only thing I was thinking to start small mailing service like by socketmail... So I was thinking about if you people could give 10GB space instead of 7GB for same price... Well even if you don't I have made my mind joining you people since there are many things I have read about you which distincts you from others...

In between, I might be signing up in few months like 3-4 months since I am developing one of my website & I think before launching that, it would be quite costly paying for VPS... Hopefully I will join you guy in few months...

I have one last question. I am not a bandwidth eater, so what would you suggest taking cali plan or Texas one? & for instance, I take Texas one then but some how, I gain lots of traffic & want to take Cali plan then how much do you charge for the transfer?
If you intend to wait for a few months it would be best to check our plans then as the disk space may go up or we may be running a special. We don't do custom plans but we do try to run specials regularly.

If you start in Texas then decide to go to California you would simply sign up for the new VPS and cancel the other one (make sure to do it 7 days before the anniversary billing date). We would then migrate the data but all your IP's would change. The migration would be free of charge.

Hope to see you signup.