CA versus TX and Plesk versus cPanel


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Hello, I plan to get the VPS Hosting and would like to know how much slower 82 ms is to 32 ms? I checked the ping for CA and TX. I am on the east coast, however, I like the idea of more bandwidth.

I would also like to know the difference between the Plesk and cPanel admin areas. The person who does our training uses the Plesk panel. Is it as user friendly and have as many plugins as cPanel? Thanks, Ann


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Basically, that is not enough of a difference to use as a deciding factor, right? I might as well take the additional bandwidth.
It depends on what you will be running. If it's just a static website, it shouldn't be a problem. If you are running a real-time application like a game server or a VOIP app then it may be a noticeable difference.


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I will be running basic web sites with some audio and video. Would the difference in speed affect less than 10 minutes of video?


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Ann, for your purposes, I would definitely go with the extra bandwidth. You might need the extra bandwidth to transfer [large] audio/video files, and the difference in ping times isn't going to matter.