Book keeping/Accounting software suggestions?


I currently keep my business books in Quicken running on a Windows desktop. I'd like to find an application to put on my VPS so I could access my books from anywhere and free myself from the Windows platform. It needs to have features similar to Quicken to reconcile accounts and generate Income/Expense reports.

I've got a homegrown PHP/MySQL application that manages the rest of my business (service orders, labor allocation, inventory, parts ordering etc.). I'd like the book keeping to also be PHP/MySQL based so I can do some integration with my current skill set.

The stuff I'm finding on SourceForge seems to either be very complicated or else orphaned. I'd appreciate any recommendations the community here might have.
I know you are using Quicken and I'm guessing you may be looking for a free software but have you looked are QB on line or
I know you are using Quicken and I'm guessing you may be looking for a free software but have you looked are QB on line or

Thanks for the tip. I hadn't heard of xero but had toyed with the idea of Quickbooks on line.

I definitely prefer free, but my larger concern is having my information in their database of thousands of customers. Seems like it might be tempting for hackers. While my own security probably won't be as good as theirs, the odds against someone stumbling across my database would be pretty long.
I've not used xero but QuickBooks online has a free 30 day trial so you can check it out first. I use it's automatic invoice feature to send out monthly invoices to customers and have a contracted accountant reconcile my books every month. When I'm onsite at a job I can send invoices via email, let them pay by debit/credit card or check. It's linked to my bank accounts so transactions are automatically imported. And, there's dozens of other features that I use to do manually, it's saving me hours of my time each and every week. Well worth the $30 or so each month. Support is always quick to reach and helpful.
Thanks phpAddict. That's probably where I'll end up.

I've got a motorcycle/ATV repair business. All the transactions are done in my office and are against invoices generated by my shop management software. All I really need is a check book register and some ability to track income/expenses by category.

I may also end up home-brewing my own system into the shop management software.
Have you heard of Wave? -

It does pretty much everything xero/quickbooks online does, except for free. I used them for years and they were always solid. It might not be for you if you have huge transaction volume, or if you like to dig really deep into your numbers (though you can always export your data & use excel for that). But if you're not a huge corporation then it's a solid alternative to a lot of the paid services out there, IMO. And definitely a lot easier than rolling your own.
Thanks DK999k. I'll look into it.

One thing about rolling my own - I can integrate it with the rest of my business. That's part of why I was looking for something open source I could cannibalize.
I thought I'd post what I finally ended up doing.

The set up I've been using has worked well for me. I haven't found a "free" package that I had confidence I could just switch to with little pain. When I asked questions about QuickBooks on line versions and which would be suitable they switched into "we'll have a sales rep contact you" mode. I missed his call, replied to his email and never got a response.

I ended up switching the desktop to dual boot Linux and Windows XP. Quicken 2005 seems to work just fine on Linux with the WINE environment. For some reason I wasn't able to get Excel and Word to install in the WINE environment but I think the analogues installed with Linux will do the trick. XP is still there just in case I overlooked something.