Blockers for New Installations of cPanel & WHM


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Hi there!
On this thread, cPanel has announced that to motivate admins to keep updating cPanel to recent versions, it will start blocking its installers when admins try to install to cPanel versions that are too old. At the moment:
The target version must be cPanel & WHM version 11.40 or higher.

I don't understand the details, but this announcement makes me want to know more about the process KH follows to update cPanel on VPS accounts, as I don't want to be left out cold with a hard-to-update version. :)

I am sure KH is on top of it, but can someone please explain roughly how KH decides that it is time to roll out a cPanel update to us VPS users?

Many thanks.
You are in charge of updating your WHM/cPanel you may want to review your software settings.
In your WHM go to: Home » Server Configuration » Update Preferences
I would recommend "RELEASE" and all 3 set to "Automatic"