Bit Harsh


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There was no need to close that thread but anyhow, I was checking my support tickets and email. I would like to thank Alex in tech support for fixing the problems we had yesterday. Everything has been moved and working fantastic now. I've never doubted it would TBH because I know how good Knownhost's support is. Some of us are not as tech savvy as others but hey at least we found the bug.

We've had about 4 hosts before now and none of them come anywhere near as good as Knownhost in any respect.

At the end of the day we (me and the good lady) are very impressed with the hosting Knownhost provide and would recommend them 100% to anyone. (you can quote that :) )

It was my fault for breaking it because I did an update that didn't work. (just getting my head around SSH) and I'm old (my excuse)

Sorry to have caused any offence...

I apologize if you felt that closing the other thread was harsh.

The purpose of a forum is to collaborate and share valuable info with one another.

The thread you posted really came down to:

Post 1. Something in Cpanel broke. I've contacted KH support.
Post 2. KH? Can you respond to my ticket?

The KH forums are not the place to post threads asking KH to work on a ticket. KH as I'm sure you know has a top support team who are notified when every ticket is created.

If you wanted to start a discussion so others can learn from your situation - I can understand that. In the future give us the whole story, what exactly is broken and how it was resolved(if applicable). However, posting threads saying simply cpanel broke and I'm waiting for KH to respond is not useful information for the community. Imagine if everyone just posted here on the forums after every single ticket saying: "Knownhost, I created a ticket, Please respond." - I'm sure you could agree that it wouldn't make a nice forum community.

I'm sorry again if I offended you but please try to understand the level of forum community we are trying to keep here.

Anyway, I'm glad that KH was able to solve your problem.


P.S. In the future, if you ever want to talk about something like this please PM me ;)