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Hello KH!

Sorry for telling this but your support is getting really slow.

When i started here you usually replied on 3-20 minutes.

Now i'm usually getting replies from 1-2 hours.

I don't if it's just me, but i'm really unhappy that the reply time is increasing.


Sorry to hear that you're unhappy with our support. Could you please PM me ticket numbers where it took 2 hours for us to get back to you? Over couple past weeks our averaged initial response time was around 20-22 minutes. All tickets are being responded to in the order based on ticket priority and when last update in the ticket was received.

Hello Paul,

I have send you the P.M.

I'm not unhappy with your support ( you are great! ) but with the reply time that seens to be increasing.

I talked with Paul and reviewed the tickets you gave him. I think there may be a little confusion when our Sales/Billing staff is around (committed anyway) so let me try to explain that now. As we list on our Contact us page found here we commit (Sales/Billing) to being around 9-5pm EST (-5 GMT) Monday-Friday. As you know we tend to be around almost all the time but we definitely don't staff 24/7 Sales/Billing personel. It is just we have quite a commited staff who try to make themselves available as much as they humanly can. We always reply asap and always will but from time to time you may get a little slower of a reply but this shouldn't be something to "expect". In your one example it was a ticket opened with our billing department on Saturday night around 9pm EST which as you experienced wasn't responded to until this morning around 8am EST. Based on what we advertise we wouldn't reply until Monday but as you have come to know of KnownHost we replied on Sunday at 8am EST. We are always looking to better our service so anything I can ever do let me know. Talk soon.

Hello Jay, Paul

Sorry for the delay when replying. I have been busy because i had a lot of projects to finish.

Anyway, you are right. The tickets that i send to you are for Sales/Billing and were always when billing "wouldn't" be working.

Sorry for the mistake.
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