Better backup option?

Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by stormrider, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. stormrider

    stormrider New Member


    I have a backup server outside KH. I do daily backups using cpanel backup script ( ftp ).

    The problem is that this spend too much bandwidth. Is there a better backup option in this case?


  2. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    Unless you have physical access to the server in the datacenter there is no method of backing up your data which will not consume bandwidth.
  3. pmcwebs

    pmcwebs Member

    Anytime you move data off your server you are going to consume bandwidth. Personally, I have a backup system (using a script I got off the forums) that spreads the backup over 7 days, so if you have 70 accounts, the script backs up 10 accounts per day. That way the oldest backup will never be more than 7 days old. If you have any accounts that are required to be backed up daily, you can do those at the same time.

    I'm only using 10% of my allocated bandwidth, so it isn't a problem to me.
  4. cookie

    cookie Alien

    I tried to use remote ftp and I see it communicates with my remote server because daily and weekly and mothly folders are made but when I look at the tar.gz in my remote folder all I see is zero bytes.
    Any body knows How I can acheive remote backup?

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