Basic VPS Server vs Cloud 1 - Thoughts Please


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I'm a current user of your Basic VPS Server. I've been very happy with it and with KH generally and specifically with support. Because of the cPanel price increases, I'm basically deciding to move to Direct Admin Control Panel when my contract renews in July. OK. It's a small VPS, but easily handles my current needs, with 1 small active website and maybe 15 other websites which wouldn't even cause a blip on the traffic. The 1 small website is very important to me. It needs to run smoothly and fast because it is representing me. I have had no complaints in that department.

I have, because of these cPanel changes considered upgrading to Cloud 1 KVM in July. The hardware specs are similar here for everything except The Cloud 1 package only has half the RAM. How much will this impact my speed. How much faster as a percentage, should the Cloud 1 VPS with Direct Admin run compared to the Basic VPS Server running with cPanel. Should I be concerned at having only half the RAM. I'm not scared of using Direct Admin, apart from it being new/different. In fact I rarely even go into WHM, and my usage of cPanel is mostly just using the basic stuff. cPanel/WHM have way too many options for me to feel comfortable with (apart from it's familiarity) So I feel confident that Direct Admin will probably be easier for me to handle. Provided I'm not expected to do ANYTHING requiring ROOT Access.

And just for kicks. how much faster would the Cloud 2 KVM run over the Cloud 1 KVM, in terms of speed. Where speed would appear to be quite a bit faster because of the more generous hardware specs.

Any other thoughts are welcome.