Basic hosting plan questions


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I currently have a personal web site that I'd like to move from a computer in our home to a hosting provider to improve bandwidth and uptime. KnownHost made my short list based on the apparent hordes of happy customers, your shared or low-level reseller plans look like they could be good match for my admittedly basic needs. The site is a few hundred megs (mostly photos) of static pages and hasn't broken a gig per month. We have a static IP address, and DNS is handled by our ISP.

I'm very familiar with networking and Unix system administration but not so savvy when it comes to web hosting. Do you have a new user guide that lists the steps for transferring a site to your servers?

I'm using two different programs to create the pages; they publish to the same directory tree on the local machine. I'm then uploading the changes to the server via rsync over ssh. Do you offer this combination, or something that offers similar functionality, with shared hosting? If not, what do you recommend to your customers for only updating the differences?