Backups on Shared


I'm in the process of talking a client into moving over here as their current host isn't bothering to keep usable backups even though they're being paid for.
So, on shared can he get automatic backups? It's a small site but has some databases that really need to backed up weekly if not daily and automating that process would be really nice.

We perform daily backups on or shared systems with one day backup retention so if something was removed and needs to be restored please make sure to request restoration on the very same day.
Please note that while we perform backups daily and doing everything possible to make sure that created backups are consistent we do not guarantee availability of such backups. Please make sure to periodically create your own backups of your data.
Actually, I figured out to backup the files most likely to get corrupted - now to find something that will zip them up and send them to me periodically - but I'll get there. :D.