Backups and VPS control panel


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I am almost ready to sign up and move over my websites to you guys, after reading good comments at WHT and having reviewed other options for a few months. I'm currently a customer at JaguarPC, but feeling let down by support way too many times after being a customer for years I think it's time to move.

I just have a couple questions:

1) Backups: do you offer CDP or any way for me to retrieve backups, or do I need to open a ticket to request it? (i.e if I need to restore a file deleted x days ago etc)

2) VPS control panel: JPC use Solus VM, where you can login to reboot/reinstall OS, check Load etc without being dependant on WHM or your actual websites to be in a working state. I use also a small app I made myself with the SolusVM API which has been very handy to monitor my VPS. Do you offer the same?

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. Let me address your questions below:

1) We do take backups of VPSs every other day, however you'll need to open a support ticket to have a restoration performed. Full-VPS restorations are free, whereas partial restorations of only certain files costs $10.

2) Since we use Virtuozzo, you'll get access to Virtuozzo Power Panel which will let you control your VPS (start, stop, restart, etc) via the panel outside of the VPS. OS reloads are free but require opening a support ticket. We don't presently have an API for controlling your VPS, but this is on the board to change in the future along with a big project we'll be announcing in the coming months.
Thanks for your answer. The first point is a bit of a let down, since I don't get charged for restoring specific files etc with the current host, I was kinda expecting the same.

There are benefits and downsides to both systems - CDP is extremely slow on restoring individual files and directories since it's block-level restorations for example.

Let me know if you have any further questions.
Ok another question, regarding the 15% discount coupon, does it apply also to add-ons and extras or only to the base plan price? (i.e cpanel/whmcs)
Let's say I pick VPS-3 + cPanel + WHMCS, would that be 85% of $55?
Yes it is. VPSs come with a 10Mbps cap but all you have to do to have it raised is open a support ticket and we can increase it in increments of 10Mbps up to 100Mbps max.
Alright I just placed the order, let's see how it goes. Some of our domains are online since 1996, so we are looking for a reliable long-term service, hope our stay with you will be good :)
All is good atm, moving my accounts from the old server, quite a pita as remote is capped at 10Mbit. Account setup arrived after ~7h, with WHM login etc.. but cPanel wasn't installed -.- a ticket solved it pretty fast however.
Welcome to KH Hime! :D

Odd that cPanel wasn't installed...haven't ever seen that one before
Almost a week here and I must say so far I'm very pleased with the service and the support.