backup system


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I'm wondering if you're planning to add a more flexible backup system. The only reason why I've not moved with you yet is that my current hosting provides me with X days of backups (I can set X to be up to 7 days).
A nightly backup is good, but for example since I run forums, if a hacker goes in, or if they become corrupt somehow, I might need more than "yesterday's backup" to fix it. Also, if I am on holiday or away from the computer for a few days. I'd risk to restore an already broken site.

I am surprised of how few hosting sites offer such services which I think are essential for pro-hosting.

Anyway, if you ever add this, let me know :)
Where did you get the impression that there wasn't one? I have a backup from all my accounts on my dedi from 1 month ago, 1-4 weeks ago, and 1-5 days ago, and I'm sure VPS' are capable of the same since they have WHM access.
I see, but restoring those backup is actually simple? In the other hosting the backup/restore is really fast and easy to use (I don't have time to learn new stuff sadly).
@jack_norton if you need a full VPS restored it's as simple as a support ticket. For the individual websites if your using cPanel backups then yes, it's just a matter of a few clicks to restore a particular user.
If you know how to use compressed files (Such as zip and tar files) there is nothing to learn. The user level backups are just compressed files. When I have to restore just a couple files I can go into the compressed folder, decompress them and do what I need. If I have to recover an entire account WHM has that option too.
Just made the move today, and was impressed by support and how quickly the migration was done. They also offered advice to fix an issue that on old VPS was preventing me from updating wordpress plugin! :) THUMBS UP