Backup software ?!

I am looking for some thing completely automated
well actually I have done cron job as well:)
still want to try new things. I am a backup guy:D
My computer is full of backups
any new things to learn?
Head on over to SourceForge and run a search. I personally use phpMyBackupPro which you could do and then download the backups or if you have an FTP server it looks as though you could do that with it too.
I tried phpmybackuppro, played around, very little function
I visited their website even they did not care to put some correct screen shot about their program in there, the link populariy is low too.
I visited their forum almost empty
and I lost one day of my work, just lost my database
so had to restore my yesterday DB :confused:


Are you saying that running a backup corrupted your DB? Well, obviously, that's not supposed to happen and I certainly would not have recommended something that I had seen such a problem with.

Sorry to hear that and I will stop recommending it.