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Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by computervitals, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. computervitals

    computervitals New Member

    I have a very simple backup script I use that is running via cron every week.

    Is there a way I have have the script email me if the backup was successfull or if it failed?
  2. BAlGaInTl

    BAlGaInTl New Member

    I used my control panel (DirectAdmin) to set up my backups weekly to a FTP server in my home. It automatically emails me when the backup is complete and if it was successful.

    What control panel are you using if any?

    I'm sure that you can do it though...
  3. computervitals

    computervitals New Member

    I have cPanel.

    cPanel will email me whent he script runs, But I dont think it will let me know if there is an error.

    This is why I want the script to see if there was an error, if an error email eorr message, If ok, then email me the backup is ready.
  4. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    If you want the script to email you then you'll have to either add that code to said script or ask its developer to include this functionality.
  5. computervitals

    computervitals New Member

    Here's the thing.

    The code is very small.
    I don't remember where I picked it up from.
    Heres' what I have.
    # modify the following to suit your environment
    export DB_BACKUP="/home/xxxx/backup"
    export DB_USER="xxxx"
    export DB_PASSWD="xxxxx"
    # title and version
    echo ""
    echo "mySQL_backup"
    echo "----------------------"
    echo "* Rotating backups..."
    rm -rf $DB_BACKUP/04
    mv $DB_BACKUP/03 $DB_BACKUP/04
    mv $DB_BACKUP/02 $DB_BACKUP/03
    mv $DB_BACKUP/01 $DB_BACKUP/02
    mkdir $DB_BACKUP/01
    echo "* Creating new backup..."
    mysqldump --user=$DB_USER --password=$DB_PASSWD --all-databases | bzip2 > $DB_BACKUP/01/mysql-`date +%Y-%m-%d`.sql.bz2
    echo "----------------------"
    echo "Done"
    exit 0
    I dont know what the coding would be to email. I dont want the actual archive emailed, just a notice that it was attempted, and if it was or not.
  6. BAlGaInTl

    BAlGaInTl New Member

    I don't use cPanel, so I can't say for sure....

    ...but isn't there some type of integrated backup within the control panel that you could use instead of the script?
  7. BAlGaInTl

    BAlGaInTl New Member

  8. khiltd

    khiltd New Member

    That script doesn't include any error handling whatsoever, so it would pretty much have to be rewritten if you want it to tell you whether it was successful or not. Right now it doesn't know (or care) what happens.
  9. Maish

    Maish New Member

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