Backing Up Through CPanel


I have relatively small websites that I have always backed up through CPanel (home directory, MySQL and forwarders). Of late, I have been having issues with the backup sizes getting up to around 100mb and more, when they still should be around 30mb or so. I have been told that this is because email is being backed up as well, which is taking up large amounts of space (I assume because the account uses IMAP).

I have found a way to exclude the emails from the backup, but evidently only if I do it through WHM or the "Full Website Backup" option in CPanel. Does this mean there is no way to backup a site through CPanel using the separate "home directory" option while excluding the email files?
Hi Crunchy,

That is what it looks like, yes. However if you have been doing home directory backups you have not been getting MySQL databases as they aren't stored in the home directory (neither are DNS files).

If you have been backing each of them up separately then it's no different than a full backup except that you have more files to download ;)
So, actually, I'm thinking the best and easiest thing to do would be to transfer the email accounts to another service like Namecheap. It's a very cheap service. Not a problem, and actually an improvement if the service is what they claim it is.

They use the portal, and it looks very interesting.