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    Does awstats come with WHM/cPanel VPS ? When I check "Stats Log Configuration" it mentions awstats long with webalizer and and analog but they all have a red cross. When I check in "Web/FTP Stats" webalizer is there bit no awstats.

    Also, I have a couple of hosting customers asking me how can they tell what real hits they have had on their sites. Is there an easy way to view this figure as I am assuming that the large number of hits includes bots and crawlers ?


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  2. KH-Paul

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    AWstats is installed but disabled by default. You can enable AWstats on the WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings screen and then set defaults/configuration permissions on the WHM >> Server Configuration >> Statistics Software Configuration screen.

  3. Kaitlyn2004

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    Is there a reason it is disabled by default? Any downside to enabling it?

    Also, for Webalizer/Analog, is there some special URL that is public, and not password protected?
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    Hey Kaitlyn,

    By default, no, you can't view the stats publically.

    Here is how you can view the webalizer stats publically, straight from the cPanel site:

    cd /home/username/www
    ln -s ../tmp/webalizer stats
    chown username.username stats
    cd ../tmp
    chmod 755 ./
    chmod 755 ./webalizer
    will allow for viewing stats without logging in to cpanel
  5. Kaitlyn2004

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    I enabled AWStats but then I get an error about a configuration file...?

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