AWeber or do I now have other options?


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Hi all! :)

New to all this VPS stuff but so far I am SO happy with KH!

In the wake of getting my SSL padlock to 'always' appear on all my pages I found some offending plugins namely Jetpack and my AWeber webform email subscription box. I was using their "easy" plugin that used one line of Javascript - but that line of script was being sent to an unencrypted location and thus Firefox and IE dumped my SSL cert whenever the AWeber box appeared. I went on their site and looked at their 'raw' HTML coding for my webform, and all the links in there were http:// and not https:// so I imagine it would be the same issue if I pasted all that raw code into a text widget.

I would love if I didn't have to fork out money to AWeber every month to have a double opt-in email list. How does everyone around here handle their email lists? I like that AWeber is easy to use, pretty dummy proof, and it feels "secure" for people signing up because of the activation links, etc.

Do I have other options now that I'm using VPS hosting? Is there somewhere you can point me to read up on this?