Automatic upgrade


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Whenever i need a upgrade on a VPS i have to:

- Contact sales
- Wait for reply
- Sales generate invoice
- Pay the invoice
- Wait for the tech apply the upgrade

This can take some time and sometimes upgrade is necessary due to performance problems at the VPS ( causing downtime ).

My suggestion is to automate this ( WHMCS can do this and probably Modernbill ).

So i would make the upgrade on my own, the invoice would be automatically generated, i would pay and only wait for the tech to upgrade the VPS ( i guess this cannot be automatic as a CPanel account creation/upgrade is )

Unfortunately WHMCS and ModernBill can't do automatic upgrading of resources on a VPS. That requires something more. We too would prefer something more automated but with our replies and delivery of all 5 steps in less then 1 hour in most cases it still works okay for us and our customers. Have you see a delay in us replying for an upgrade? We usually reply to an upgrade request and cut the invoice in less then 10 minutes (in many cases). Let us know.

Actually we did allow this to happen in Modernbill before but we discontinued it (customer upgrade/pay the invoice without emailing us). It made things harder for us. We would need to dig thru the "to-do's" each day then ask Support to do the upgrade. Now with us requiring the email we can see when the upgrade is actually made. We compared both and it is faster now. So you're right but we tried that and it was slower with delivering (definitely not faster). The to-do list in MB is hidden and not something monitored by the minute like email.

Just to verify what's been said on time, I normally upgrade my server (from low VPS now to Hybrids) smack in the middle of peak time when I need it. Every time I've done it has been a ~10 minute affair. :)
To fully automate the upgrade proccess, modernbill or any other billing software would have to integrate directly with Virtuozzo, the virtualzation software.

The only billing software I know that integrates with Virtuozzo is HSPcomplete which happends to be made by SWSOFT the company that makes Virtuzozzo. KH - Thats an interesting idea, as I have heard great things about HSPcomplete and it would be very tightly integrated with Virrtuozzo. A plus for the customer and certainly for you guys. Did you ever consider it?
We have considered it and have tested it. It is possible we would move to this but not in the near future. If we would move to that we would need it to work with cPanel for shared/reseller as well.