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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by mushy, May 15, 2008.

  1. mushy

    mushy New Member

    I pay through paypal but it's pretty annoying to pay bill manually every month. Can you please have an option for recurrent bill payment with paypal. I don't want to use credit card since I am more comfortable with PayPal...

    Mushtaq Anis
  2. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member


    Thanks for your suggestion. We have looked into this and the only way to enable auto payments is by setting up our account with paypal subscriptions. Since customers are always changing their plans (upgrades, add-ons, downgrades) this would be able of maual work on both sides with us having to cancel subscriptions and sign up for new subscriptions on a daily basis. We spoke with paypal to find out if there was a way around this and they said no. So at this time the only way to automate your payment would be with a credit card on file. If anything changes with the way paypal does their subscription payments we would be interested.

  3. mushy

    mushy New Member

    What about taking money directly from bank account using account & routing number. The reason for not going for credit card is because they get expired time by time. With paypal, they have my bank account routing etc which never expires and I don't have to keep updating my credit card information. If KH can have an option to have routing and account number for automated billing then I won't have any problem with that...

    If it's not possible then it's no problem, I will go like the way it's going...
  4. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    That would require a whole another setup which would be extremely tedious for all involved.

    Credit/debit cards expire once every 2-3+ years? I think it's worth it.
  5. onelove

    onelove New Member

    Have you looked at the Paypal debit card option

    A paypal debit card will work just as well. I use this for most of my online payments. Paypal issues a mastercard debit card which links directly to your paypal account and can fall back on your bank account if there are no funds in the paypal account.
  6. cookie

    cookie Alien

    I have the same question. I prefer to pay automatically. hate to forget:)
  7. mushy

    mushy New Member

    I am surprised with one thing. I have domains with godaddy & 1and1. I am on recurrent paypal with them. Thing is, i keep adding or deleting domains in those accounts and.. How do they do it? Can't it be same at KH?
  8. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    To the best of my knowledge there is no way for a paypal subscriptions to be modified without cancelling a subscription and setting up a new subscription. If someone knows this isn't the case let us know. We have spoken to paypal mulitple times about this.

    As for domains - they aren't billed every month so the domain example is slightly different but we would still be interested in hearing more on this if someone can provide the needed information.

  9. tristanperry

    tristanperry New Member


    Companies like GoDaddy require you to set-up merchant agreements with them, and then they can take money out of your account without you having to do anything.

    I think it's called that (a merchant agreement? Either that or a billing agreement?).

    Anywhoo, it has its advantages and disadvantages really - it is quite nice to be able to buy something and not have to login to PayPal all the time, however if you (for example) leave a domain you don't want on auto-renewal, you can be billed without doing anything (which is never fun).
  10. buzz19

    buzz19 New Member

    How about feature add fund on client area?
  11. Wired Techie

    Wired Techie New Member

    I think PayPal is lying to you (They do have variable recurring payments)

    Ok figure this out then, you told us that Paypal says there is no other way than to cancel and reset a new subscription, this is funny.

    I have a Napster subscription through Paypal, the sign up process was a little bit different because I had to accept a special "Billing Agreement" which sets up a special recurring payment subscription with the normal monthly fees, however, if I was to purchase songs from them, then they can charge the Paypal account for those as well without creating a new subscription.

    All Knownhost would have to do is to set up negotiate a "Recurring Payment Agreement for Pre-Approved Payments" with Paypal.

    Here is a link to the user agreement:

    As you can see by the agreement, it allows a seller to charge regular and sporadic payments to the user's Paypal account without cancelling and creating new subscriptions.

    I do think that getting approved to do this as a seller is the hard part, but if Napster can do it, I don't see why Knownhost can't. You've certainly been around along enough. :)

    I hope that this was what you were trying to find Joel. I didn't know about this until I signed up for Napster and had to accept a billing agreement and instead of my Napster showing under Subscriptions, they show under Recurring Payments.

    You "may" have to increase your Paypal membership level (not sure about that), I am pretty sure most folks who might like this option wouldn't mind paying a couple of bucks extra for it.

    So anyway, you at least have some "ammunition" the next time Paypal says that they don't support recurring payments other than subscriptions.

    Good Luck


    PS Notice the date on their user agreement? They have had this option since 2007.
  12. Chris

    Chris New Member

    GoDaddy uses Merchant agreement. It is nice, but I do not think that is really necessary here.

    I think, the real worry with us is not the need to click the "pay" button but the fear that we forgot one day and then.... all our business is offline :D Especially with your current policy that once one VPS is unpaid the whole account (all VPS/Hybrids/etc) is suspended.

    Why not an option to pay in advance? A clear balance shown on the client area that is automaticaly used up when needed. It would also make all addon purchases/upgrades/downgrades simplier for both clients and sales team. Also you would save some money (each PayPal transaction fee is minimum $0.50).
  13. KH-Joel

    KH-Joel KH Sales Staff Member

    Credits won't appear in the Client portal but customers can pay in advance and it will pull from that money each month.

    I do agree the transaction fee's add up. Same on the credit card side.

  14. L4D-Marc

    L4D-Marc New Member

    Yeah, they set up a special type of account and pretty much skip over it. They also force it to be linked to a card, which I hate and kind of nulls the entire point of using Paypal for me.
  15. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    Is there a way we can fund our account like that? I can't say anything has stuck out with regards to that.
  16. Wired Techie

    Wired Techie New Member

    Paypal Billing Agreement

    Well, when you set up a Paypal Billing Agreement with Paypal and the merchant, the money will always be taken out of your Paypal Balance first, but you can also set a preferred payment method under Profile/Recurring Payments (Different location than Paypal Subscriptions), what this means that if there isn't enough money in your Paypal account, then your preferred method of payment for recurring payments will be used.

    Their normal order is Paypal Account/Bank/Credit, but my order is Paypal Account/Credit, and you do NOT need to have a credit card on file either.

    I guess a merchant would have to be priveldged to set this up, all I know it is called a Pre-Approved Billing Agreement which allows the merchant to charge various charges to a member's Paypal account when needed and on a recurring basis.

    However, on the members end, it is as easy to cancel billing agreements as it is subscriptions (Profile/Recurring Payments Click on Payment Agreement, Click Cancel, Done.)

    I prefer it this way as I hate to have to call some 800 number to cancel an account and spend 30 minutes with them trying to talk me out of it (Remember AOL?, Rhapsody does that also It's annoying. :) )

    All I said was that Paypal told Knownhost that it couldn't be done and didn't even mention the possibility of setting them up for pre-approved payments.

  17. gene_sc

    gene_sc New Member

    Pay Semi Anual Direct to KH Billing Department

    Can you just make a credit card payment every 6 months to KH? or even pay by year.?
  18. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    Yes, they can generate an invoice for monthly, quarterly, 6 months, or yearly.
  19. wringle

    wringle New Member

    I've recently gotten a PO Box for shipping parcels too as my home address isn't suitable. I've setup a PayPal account, however the company that I'm buying from requires my shipping and billing addresses to match.

    If I change my billing address (with my bank) to match my shipping address (the PO Box), will that affect my automated deposit from my employer?
  20. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    Uhhhhhh...maybe I'm just misunderstanding what you're asking, but that's probably something you should ask your employer??? How would anybody here know? :confused:

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