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    Just got a request that I've had before, but worked around in a different way. I had a site before that was built using PHPNuke and the owner wished to put an asp program into it. Didin't think it was possible, as asp is ran from a Windows box. But I found a way to host the asp portion on a windows box (using a different domain name) and "wrap" it into the Nuke site, hosted here. Worked fine. Now I have a different request. A beer producer in the UK has built a site and has already printed the cans with the domain name on it - all without knowing that this site was also a PHPNuke site, hosted here on a Linux box. They want the one they built to be a subdomain. I.E. myclient.com is the clients site and they want myclient.com/beersite. They do not want us to use a redirect and send the user to a windows box, but rather have them on the same box, so to speak. They have already done the work and do not wish to re-code their portion of the site. The existing site for our client is a big one and also cannot simply be reworked. Is there any way to achieve this and keep all parties happy? Thanks in advance.
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    The subdomain or folder as you're showing it is no problem but a search of the CPanel forums strongly recommends against running .asp enabling applications. Here is a post talking about it.

    Doesn't look good, sorry

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    Why did the client build the application in ASP if it wasn't even available to them? There are ways to make it work on Linux, but I wouldn't want any of them running on a VPS account (same goes for PHPNuke for that matter).

    Here's one $200 solution: http://www.sun.com/software/chilisoft/

    Unless they're paying $200/mo, I'd probably encourage them to seek Windows hosting rather than fool with that.
  4. mapenn

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    Your best bet would probably be to find a windows hosting plan. Most offer php and asp on the same box.

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