ASP question - plesk 8.2


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[FONT=arial, verdana, tahoma]Hi There,

I'm new to plesk and web administration and have a simple asp question to ask.

Is there a way I can test that Apache ASP is working properly on our install of Plesk 8.2 under Redhat Linux?

Platform: psa8.2.0/RedHatel3
perl-Apache-ASP: 2.57-rhel3.build82070706.15

This is the line about asp in the /conf/httpd.include file for the domain I'm testing with.

<Files ~ (\.asp$)>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::ASP
PerlSetVar Global /tmp

I've created a sample "test.asp" (code below) but when I bring it up it on Internet Explorer I get "The page cannot be displayed" message (on Firefox it just returns a blank page). To get plesk/apache to display .asp pages, do I have to enable something somewhere - if so where is this done on plesk/apache?


$Response->Write("Hello, world!");