Asia & Europe Locations

A datacenter location in Asia would be absolutely incredible for those serving the Australasian and Asian markets!
We know there's a pretty big demand for Europe. I think Asia and India are on down the list as far as number of requests, but I could be wrong.

Either way, I've noted your requests :)
Hi all,
An european datacenter would be a very good idea!
Also is possible to register on the Safe Harbor is very important to ecommerce with Europe business.
I am very happy with KH service. I live in Spain. I have a VPS-3 purchased 22 months ago.
I'm going to start a business and need a server located in Europe or a company that provides web hosting services belongs to the Safe Harbor list.
I want to continue with KH hosting and maybe upgrade my VPS to a more powerful, but my lawyer tells me that I need to have a server located in Europe or the company that offers the web hosting services belongs to the Safe Harbor list.
Could KnownHost register on Safe Harbor list? There are many important companies that offers web hosting services that have registered on Safe Harbor list.
I hope KH solution that allows me to continue with them.
Thank you very much KH for excellent web hosting service.
Best, regards

I am your customer since 2008 and I currently have 3 VPS-4 and in the next few days I want to try an SSD VPS.

I am very very happy with your service and support, the only negative for us Europeans is the distance with a high latency.

I hope with all appeals of us Europeans managed to open a DC here in Europe, for my part I can move other 4 VPS from you.

European services are a very commonly requested thing, and I can assure you we do take all of these requests seriously.

Thanks again for being KnownHost customers :)