Are subversion and Rails setup by default DirectAdmin VPS?


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I realize that with full root access, this can be installed and I have done it before, but would prefer not to have to deal with it?

Anybody using subveresion or rails with KnownHost? Fastcgi work with rails?

Would these installs be covered under the Managed Hosting?

Reviews look good and I am looking for a good host for my Web Development business that will scale as I grow.

Thanks in advance for the info.
I think it's safe to say that Rails doesn't work very well anywhere since its creator's acknowledgement that his flagship Rails application once required over 400 restarts a day, but you're certainly free to install it. Manual installations are generally preferable for any such framework as it's the only way you're ever going to get up-to-date code; the control panel vendors can't really be expected to keep up with every single check-in.