Apache slots full - Sites down


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Today I faced an issue and can not resolve it. Actually I had not changed anything and my websites were running smoothly. all of a sudden all websites went down. I noticed all services (apache, dns, mysql , ...) were up und running but the apache slots were full. earlier all additional apache child processes closed automatically. but they do not close now and I do not know whats wrong with it. could somebody please help me?
all my websites are currently down :(
A little late, but as Dan mentioned contact support. When you've not changed anything and all of a sudden your sites go down, your first PoC should be KH Support.
Actually I'm a rocketvps customer. my vps is not managed and the support did not help me. the problem was some kind of attack on my site. this kept all apache slots busy so nobody could enter the site. somebody told me I could limit the number of connections per ip through csf. is tht right? if yes how?
Look for ConfigServer in your WHM under Plugins, click on "Firewall Configuration", that's where the magic happens. It's a large list of settings but you should go through them all and tweak what may help you. I recommend copying the current settings before modifying as you could cause some problems changing some of these settings. Look specifically under "Port Flood Settings". However, if you already have it installed you must have had a bot net with multiple IPs attacking you in which case these settings only apply to each separate IP. I recently had a bot net attaching my server and had to manually block over 700 different IP addresses.