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    I have a rocketvps rs3 vps (1GB Ram 4 Cores 50 GB Disc Space). There is only one website on this vps. Currently this website receives low traffic (1k pageviews per day) but I am targeting for 4k pageviews in near future. Apache configuration seems a bit tricky to me. I've read a lot about Apache configuration and did lots of tests and finally came up with this configuration:

    Start Servers: 5
    Minimum Spare Servers: 5
    Maximum Spare Servers: 8
    Server Limit: 15
    Max Clients: 15
    Max Requests Per Child: 2000
    Keep-Alive: on
    Keep-Alive Timeout: 2
    Max Keep-Alive Requests: 200
    Timeout: 40

    When I increase Max clients to something like 20 and check my website on host-tracker.com I start receiving Internal server errors (out of memory errors). My tests show that for every pageview approximately 8 httpd processes are created and it seems that each of these processes use something like 25-30 MB of ram. This means if there are more than 2 visits at the same time more than Maxclients processes are required which results in slow page load I think.

    Is this normal for apache processes to consume that much of ram?
    do you suggest any other configuration?

  2. Mehdi

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    any thoughts?
  3. Santiago

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    I think that the default apache config for only 4 thousands visitors a day is OK, you probably wont need to tweak anything..

    If you want to make sure to have a fast and fluid VPS regarding the ammount of memory that you have I would recoomend the following changes..

    1) Disable SpamAssasin
    2) If you dont use mails Disable mail server, POP and IMAPD from "service manager"
    3) Install nGinxCP (http://www.nginxcp.com/installation-instruction/)
    4) Uninstall ClamAV plugin if installed.

    That will help you save some memory.
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