Apache 2 How difficult?


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I have tried both Apache 2 and Apache 1.3.x and I believe 1.3.x runs better as of now... I had a nightmare with 2.2...

But yes, cPanel does have a utility for upgrading... Simply login to your WHM, scroll down to the software section and click on apache update.

Select your desired options... Hit build and you are ready to go!


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Apache 2 is great but when it comes to running PHP4 it will choke :p. Anyways the best configuration that works for me is always with Apache 1.3 in linux and Apache 2 in windows.


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If you haven't done any special configuration and aren't running anything that specifically requires 1.3, odds are good you won't notice much difference. I only made the jump to 2 because mod_python required it, and all I had to change was a couple of deprecated directives pertaining to log generation. It was pretty much a non-event for me.