Apache 1.3 on Plesk and email migration


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I'm considering ordering a Plesk VPS and have a couple questions. I'm accustomed to working with dedicated servers, usually running Slackware and managing everything by hand, so this control panel stuff is all new to me.

1. Is it possible to run Apache 1.3 with Plesk without breaking the control panel (assuming it defaults to Apache 2)? This is very important, as my sites depend on a mod_perl application that was developed for Apache 1.3 and won't work without modification under Apache 2.

2. What's the best way to migrate my domains without losing any emails during the transition? I'm concerned about things ending up in the wrong place while the DNS changes propogate. I'm currently running qmail with vpopmail and I've got a couple of fairly large IMAP accounts, if that matters.


Plesk won't work with Apache 1.3.x it expects to see Apache 2.0.x installed. If you need Apache 1.3.x, then the best bet would be to go with cPanel VPS if control panel is needed or with Webmin/nocp option if you're not looking for any kind of hosting automation tool