Anyone using joomla?


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I have a site using joomla. I am having the same issues discussed in this thread:

Had to remove the link since I haven't posted enough.

It's a problem with ownership/permissions when componets/modules are install from the joomla backend. The new installs are owned by nobody instead of the user.

In the above thread from 2008 it was suggested to ssh and run

chown -R username:username /home/username/public_html

Within the same thread there is a comment about some dir/files needing to be owned by nobody in order to work.

Does anyone have any exprience or advice on how to correct the problems with incorrect ownership/permissions?

Thanks for any help.

ive had the same issues running smf, when they installed addons or packages.....i got around it by setting up a cron job to run and reset ownership back to the user account....