Anyone using custombuild?


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Have been using custombuild for sometime on my CentOS 5 VPS. Running the latest apache, php, mysql builds. Works great. :)


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I'm still considering it for some of the features, but not sure if it is worth it, or if it will fubar my current system.

I don't think compatibility should be an issue...

I did use it to install roundcube, and that worked out quite well. However, I notice that it only has access to the inbox and not the rest of the user created folders. If you install roundcube manually on a domain, you have access to them.

I'm also a bit confused as to what dovecot will do for me or how it will affect email already on the system.

I guess I have some more reading to do before I jump in head first...

Is there a way to "undo" your custombuild changes if you don't like something?

For instance, could I now "uninstall" roundcube some how?


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I did build roundcube just to test it and it seems to have worked except...

I don't have access to any of the folders for users except for the INBOX with roundcube....

Anyone know what could cause that?