Anyone running any Forums here?

Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - General' started by RaceJunkie, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. RaceJunkie

    RaceJunkie Member

    I was wondering if any clients were running any forums, and what plan you were using. I am trying to figure out if I need to upgradde my VPS-L or not. My site will have anywhere from 30-100 users at any givin time. I had 11,899 Unique visitors last month. Sometimes it's very quick and others slow. I am Running vBulletin.. So far this month my privvmpages have once been in the Red and once in the Black and my numproc have been in the yellow 4 times this all took place on the 6th of Oct..

    Right now I have 47 Users online

    Can someone tell me what to look for in this attachment?

    Would you explain the Soft Limit Hard Limit?

    Image is too small to read in the attachment

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  2. ppc

    ppc Moderator

    I just went to and it loaded really really slowely. I would upgrade if i was in your position.
  3. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    Main page on this site is very slow - looks like too much data here, try to optimize it a bit and remove as much elements as possible. It took me about 5-10 seconds until main page was loaded while rest of the site (i.e. forum) was working just fine for me and loaded quickly.

  4. RaceJunkie

    RaceJunkie Member

    Yea there are 75 users online right now and it seems fast.. It has it's good days and bad ones I guess.
  5. RaceJunkie

    RaceJunkie Member

    OK I trimed up the fp a bit:D
  6. lalaland

    lalaland New Member

    I am about to move my vBulletin forum to my VPS, can you tell me how you got those graphical stats and how you monitor your performance please? I would like to do something similar once up and running on my new server to make sure all's well. Thanks
  7. RaceJunkie

    RaceJunkie Member

    It's a screen shot from the Resources window in the Virtuozzo c/p.. You just have to click the Extended button to see it.

    I would like to see a explanation on Hard and Soft Limits and why nothing is listed for cpuunits and cpulimit under Current Use and Soft Limit..
  8. RaceJunkie

    RaceJunkie Member

    Currently Active Users: 75 site is super fast..12:00est
  9. Rosie M

    Rosie M New Member

    I have a vbulletin. It seems to run fairly well (even with mods). I have a VPS XLtx.
  10. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member

    The meaning of the barrier and limit columns depends on the parameter you're looking at. In most cases (for parameters that limit something) hard limit represents the resource usage value that cannot be exceeded regardless of the situation. Meaning of the soft limit varies even more meaning of the hard limit ;)
    cpuunits resource is set to 1000 for every single VPS we ship. This parameter manages CPU time distribution between VPSs that require CPU power at the same time.
    cpulimit - we do not hard limit CPU usage, your VPS can burst up to 100% of dual CPU machine however CPU usage is soft limited by our TOS/AUP. In case if we notice high CPU usage that goes for a long time we contact the customer in order to fix the problem.


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