Anyone installed cpXstack (nginx + php-fpm) on a KnownHost VPS?

This is my first time hearing about this. I don't know of anyone running it, but it looks interesting. I'm not sure that I'd trust it at this stage in the game however. Throwing this much change at cPanel could really cause some issues.

I must admit, I'm a huge fan of Nginx since swapping both our forum (yes this one) and our helpdesk over to pure Nginx/PHP-FPM recently. They're fast and stable together. I hope one day cPanel will pick up official support for PHP-FPM as it's certainly a frequent request.
I've been waiting for cPanel to support php-fpm for more than two years. One wonders if we will be waiting another two years. That's why this seems so interesting.

Is there any chance you could try this on a test VPS and let us know the results? ;)
We'll definitely check this out when we have a moment. My only concern with 3rd party free plugins like this is it may lose support eventually. For instance ApacheBooster which provided Nginx & Varnish has had the support and updates pulled from it so it has basically turned into a dead project.
I share your concern about future support, but what I'm asking here is to provide a report of your experiences installing and quickly testing cpXstack. If you report back that you feel it's not in our best interest to install cpXstack, I wouldn't attempt to do so.

We are the developers of the cpXstack plugin and I can assure you we are a booming web hosting support company and not going anywhere in the near future .You can count on us for supports . You can email us at support [at] sysally [dot] net for cpXstack support .

Thank you,
Team SysAlly
I have this plugin installed on my server and running. At first I was having some issues when creating a new account, or enabling/disabling NGINX and php-fpm in cPanel with php 5.5 on Apache. When creating an account, I was getting the default cPanel page and after enabling nginx, I disabled it to find a NGINX 500 error.

However, I have since reinstalled it on my server again running php 5.4 on apache without issue.

I like it. My memory usage has dropped 10% since installing this and you can choose if you want to run NGINX or Apache and php 5.3, 5.4 or 5.5 from each cPanel account.

The only issue I am currently running into is adding modules to apache with EasyApache. It seems that its an issue with cpXstack and rpaf.