Anyone ever use PrestaShop? Thoughts on it?


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Looking to develop a custom eCommerce site and looking at other options besides WP/Woocommerce.

I came across

It looks very nice and well built. Loads of built in features that WordPress would require dozens of plugins to match. Has a good size community. Many plugin/module options available. I've developed custom plugins for WordPress and I know I'll very likely need to do some custom programming for any eCommerce management system that I choose. So, I was looking for some feedback with PrestaShop or something else that anyone here has worked with.

The end goal is to have users select a product, then take them through a step by step process to answer various required options for the selected product. PrestaShop has a "Customization" option when adding products in the back-end, that allows additional required text fields to be answered or files to be uploaded when a product is added to a user's cart. That's a good step in the direction I'm going, but I was looking for more of a "Select Product", "Options Page 1", "Options Page 2", "Options Page 3", as it would be a slew of text fields if all placed on 1 page under the product, and probably not look well.

Thanks for any feedback! :D
There are quite of few "add-ons" that offer that type of functionality. I did an in depth analysis a couple years ago, trying to decide what to go with and I settled on Opencart, which also has various product configurator extensions, not saying it is the best choice, but I've been able to manage with a limited programming skill set. It's probably a good idea to play around with both for a couple days before you go deep into what you are trying to do. Being a phpAddict, I'm guessing you could probably build off of one of the add-ons or extensions to make it work exactly how you need it to, and save a lot of time.
OpenCart has changed quite a lot since the last time I used it. Thanks for turning me back on to it. It does have more custom option choices for products than prestashop.