Anyone else think KH VPS is slow?


I've been with KH for couple of years now. Despite excellent uptime and very fast ticket system response, I have become quite frustrated lately with the VPS download speed. While frustration is subjective category, I have become convinced that there's a problem behind all this, just don't know what.

Website load fast enough, but the file hosted on website downloads slow. The routing issue on East Coast Data Center which might have caused this have been fixed but the problem still won't go away.

Does anyone else think or know that KnownHost VPS have slow download speed. Is this usual ? Would like to hear your thoughts. I am not talking about numbers and tests, I am talking about user experience.

Thank you
No. I do not think the d/l speed is slow. Not in general anyway.

What exactly do you mean by slow? I can d/l a 250Mb file in under 30 seconds. Do you consider that slow?
That is fast. I am talking about downloading 10MB file for about 30 seconds from European location.
My Texas VPS works fine but East Coast VPS is slow.
Website scripts, VPS configurations and pages are almost identical.
Funny thing is that I have run python script and results are good.
Just wanted to check here if I am isolated case cause I am running out of options.
Has your VPS been migrated to the new platform yet? If not, create a support ticket and request that your VPS be given the full 100Mbps port speed. The default on the old VPS platform was 10Mbps unless you requested otherwise.
its on 100 Mbs alright. That's not the problem. I never got any explanation of why this happens through the ticket system to date, so I guess its just the way it is and how the system works . Maybe the VPS server is slow occasionally because physical server is configured to work that way. traffic goes up, speed goes down. maybe server gets overloaded or something, who knows ...

I had slow sites and download issues on my VPS since I signed on a few years ago. Complained a few times but there was no real evidence to point to as Pings and Trace routes came out ok every time tested. It became a real drag when developers / clients started to complain more. After pushing the issue (almost daily), it turns out the machine the VPS was on had a bad raid array which made the system really slow. After KH fixed the issue by means of rebuilding the RAID array, all started to work really well. The difference was very significantly noticeable. Everyone on the VPS was happy instantaneously.

My two cents......