Anybody SSH & Cron Guru?


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I don't understand SSH and Cron much. I just got remote backup service. To setup the cron they have told me to set it via SSH like below

# echo "15 22 * * * root rsync -avz --exclude=/proc -e ssh /" >> /etc/crontab

Various rsync configurations:
Back up entire server: rsync -avz --exclude=/proc -e ssh /
Back up home directories: rsync -avz -e ssh /home
Back up specific users: rsync -avz -e ssh ~bob ~bill ~sarah

But I want it to set up via my cpanel cron tab... Can somebody know that if I want to setup cron to make backup of directory say /home/abcd/ then how can I set it up via cpanel with use of crontab without ssh... I asked the support from them but they said, they don't have knowledge in cpanel since they don't use it. They just told me SSH command. But I want to do it via cron option in cpanel...

Help will be highly greatful...


I do not think you're going to be able to accomplish this without using SSH in addition to cron.

I use BQbackup as well and have written a script that simply runs the CPanel backup script, tars a couple of things and is run by cron when scheduled. and I would be happy to share it. I am sure that between us all we can come up with something that works for you.
Thanks DAN. I did it other way. I filed a ticket to KH. They told me the location of cron. I located it via powerpanel and edited it via powerpanel as well. Then I just restarted the cron via ssh command. This was simpler for me and it worked.


Mushtaq Anis
Hey Mushy,

What's this powerpanel you're talking about? I thought you were on Cpanel?

I would be interested in seeing the command you entered into cron too if you would please :)

Glad you got it working!