Any thoughts?


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I am having seriuos issues with my website being slow and even to the point where people cannot access it lately.

I have the VPS3 package with 768 MB RAM, 40 GB Disk and 1000 GB bandwidth.

The only thing really on the server is my forum which is IPB 2.5 (have not upgraded yet). I have about 12,000 registered members but normally around 150-180 max users on at one time. I would say this would be peak of course and the normal range is less than 100 users.

Any thoughts on why i would be seeing this problem? Is this server not big enough for me?

Anyones comments are more than welcome as I am a total novice when it comes to servers and such...
Oh, I have and kept getting the response that it looked fine and I should consider adding more RAM. However, I have talked to many others with larger forums and they state they have less RAM then what I have with no issues.

Support is working on it now for me and adjusting a few things. Hopefully it works...

Hi there,

See my thread below yours. I had the same problem. Support tried various things but I still had the same issue. For the last week everything seems ok but I am monitoring it avery few hours. I am not sure if they have changed something at their side but my sever seems much faster now.

Maybe someone from Known host support can comment?