Any recommendation for a file sharing solution for a VPS?


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Hello everyone,

I am trying a find a relatively easy-to-use solution to share files with a client.
Usually the likes of Dropbox, Google Docs and so work fine, but for this corporate client, all these sites have been blocked by their sys admins and thus he can't even access them.

I am looking for a solution to have a repository of word, excel and powerpoint files that my client can access through his web browser. Since my domain is unlikely to being blocked, I was wondering if anyone knows of or can recommend a solution I could install on my VPS to achieve that. Free or paid script. And secure enough that it won't get hacked in 2 minutes.

Initially I was thinking FTP access too but I'm not sure if they are even able to FTP (ftp protocol being blocked?) so the regular browser way would be preferred.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Many thanks in advance for any input :)
Hi MacDingo,

I personally have not used any scripts or programs to share files but I am sure there are some out there. A quick search turns up XFileSharing but is a paid solution. I'd check to see if they can use FTP first myself.

Is helping him defeat his IT departments security really what you want to be doing though? I'm not so sure I'd be helping him with that if I were you ;)
Hi Dan

Thanks for the pointer. I will check it out.

Well it's not so much about defeating the security per se. We can email each other the files all day long, but that is simply not effective. Especially with multi-user editing and many changes on multiple files. Talk about a workflow nightmare if we have to use email.
While I totally recognize the need for IT security, the downside is that that many corporations still use the same systems than they did 10 years ago. Not saying they should jump on every new solution, but we have come a long way and they should embrace more modern ways of working. Otherwise people will keep up trying to circumvent the old systems.
And it's for work, not trying to access social networks or illegal downloads here!
Just my 2 cents :)