Any KH customer want a couple of hosting clients?


If this isn't appropriate, mods, please delete.

I host a few small websites (wordpress, etc) and it's not worth my time at this scale. I have a more than full time job and hosting didn't make enough to cover the cost of the accountant so I'm trying to shut down that company. I'll be keeping my VPS and dedicated at KH for my own (other) business and personal stuff but I have a few cpanel accounts I'd like to find a good home for at an established (and well rated) hosting company so I don't have to deal with billing and whatnot. They are all people I personally know (friends or family) and all are computer illiterate. (full disclosure, lol) but rarely have issues. They are just blogs and static small business sites. One is email only. I'd love to find a home for them on a KH hosted box because KH rocks! :)

PM me if interested.

Edit: just realized I don't think this forum has PM. Email me at my name (below) at medialesstraveled com

Haha, yeah you were the first one I thought about actually. I checked out the website linked in your profile but didn't see hosting so I didn't think you did that.

To expand on the accounts in case anyone is interested.. they are:

Two personal resume sites (wordpress, basically zero traffic)
Personal one page site (used mostly for personal email)
An email only dentist office (the moved their hosting to some expensive SEO company that promised them the world and gave them a new ugly website)
Another dentist site, low traffic (same client as above)
A small independent insurance office static site (and email)

The only one I've had issues with is the last one. She can't remember her passwords to save her life. But once she's in she can usually navigate cpanel by herself. In the end she'd probably still call me anyway.

If the domains are with me, they are in enom.
Yea, working on updating that site at this very moment. I try to attract clients that need I.T. management, and offer web hosting as an added service, since there's more money in I.T. management than a $10 per month hosting account. If no one else chimes in let me know and I'll give you a call.