Anouther domian problem

Your nameservers are still pointed to enom's defaults:

I changed them to and or should the be pointed at the defaults? but now it doesnt work at all.
If its that it should be fast, years ago it used to take up to 72 or 96 hours, these days it could be as low as a few minutes for some and the same long time for others.
Ok I changed them and it works for me, but how come when I go their the cpanel thing is still their even though it is not the index?
cPanel's default Apache config doesn't point the primary hostname to any specific account and it's more than likely reading from /usr/local/apache/htdocs. You'll have to change the DocumentRoot directive that's outside of any virtual host declarations if you want something else to happen.
It is fine when I dont type the www, so how do I fix this, I know how to use cpanel but am unfamiliar with whm so can I have a step by step on how to do this?
I am not familiar with cpanel set up much so I can't be sure, but www. working/not working can also be a propagation issue, in fact it has happened to me over the years. If your site is working without www but with www it is going to registrar default then more than likely it needs more time to fully propagate.
#15 and both resolve to different IP addresses. If you're not familiar with Apache or BIND configuration I'd strongly recommend filing a support ticket.
Ok, but will it cost me money?

EDIT:Fixed thanks a bunch for all of your help.
Cost money to use Knownhost's world class support? Of course not. :p
That's one of the reasons why we've come to love Knownhost.