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I'm making good progress with my new VPS and have several VirtualHosts resolving just fine by now. But, golly, what I don't know is a lot! As I mentioned before, I've never used any sort of control panel before, and I just now got around to taking a look at Webmin. In getting my httpd.conf set up through hand editing, I must have uploaded it by ftp at least a couple of dozen time--and there it was, directly editable in Webmin all along! I've also poked around in Virtuozzo a little bit and noticed that I can SSH in there. I haven't tried that yet. I guess I'm just accustomed to PuTTY, but simply browsing through those control panels has made me realize that the world of my server is larger than I had previously seen from poking around on the command line. It makes me want to SSH around the server while using the CPs as kind of a map to the guts of it. Well, there clearly isn't a question asked in what I've written so far. I guess I'm just being enthusiastic.

My question is about my Hostname, and why it is When I purchased the VPS, I gave you, as requested, and it never even occurred to me that my Hostname would be the subdomain ns1. I suppose I should have specified that before the fact, but I didn't think to. What's involved in changing it? It hasn't been a huge priority, but I haven't come across anything yet. Maybe it doesn't much matter, but it makes me feel like a nameserver instead of a webserver. I understand the important role of nameservers, but my nameservers are going to be kept external to my VPS here, as well as practically all of the mail associated with the domains I manage. Exceptions to the mail, besides automatic processing of certain incoming mail, will be primarily contact forms on various sites and various subscriber newsletters, and even with the newsletters the return paths for bounced mail won't be directly back to the server.

Anyway, how do I change my Hostname from to something like While the question has been on my mind since the beginning, what has brought it to the front again is that earlier on I tested a couple of contact forms on newly installed sites. They showed as successfully sent, but they were never received by the addressees. My first thought was that they had just stayed on the server because they were sent to the same domain that they were sent from, and I would have to do some configuring to let them out, as I've experienced that before. Well that wasn't it. I just now came across my root mailbox and found that they had been sent on their way just fine, but they were then bounced by the services associated with my own external nameservers. I'm sure I can get that straightened out on that end, but I'm also sure I'm going to be asked why the host of my webserver is named as a nameserver. And the only answer I can think of is, "I don't know."

I hope it's a simple answer, as you can imagine how longwinded I might become over something complicated! *G*

Hi Patrick,

Please open a support ticket and you will get a reply on this. It is your best approach as the Support team isn't monitoring the forum like Sales does. You can open a ticket at our billing portal, via email, or the helpdesk system.