Another day at KnownHost...


So I was woken up this morning by a rather annoying brrr brrr from my mobile phone to discover that it is a notification from my server monitor software alerting me of a possible problem on one of my servers.

Great!!! I thought to myself. We might just have something useful to do today.

Now the really "frustrating" thing is that by the time I got up and had my pc turned on to report the issue the KH staff had already picked up on it and got it sorted.

So back to the same old boring day routine. At least it gives me more time to spend with my two lovely cats that I managed to fully "toilet train" during my time here at KH.

Thanks to each and every staff member at KH for you dedication. It is only a pleasure to do business with yous.

You two are funny.

In all seriousness, it shouldn't have happened and we're not happy about it. Our standard is no preventable downtime and this was preventable. We will improve! 2 seconds or 2 minutes, downtime is unacceptable.
@KH-Jonathan not sure what happened but fact is KH is leading the pack in almost every aspect. The day KH sells out to someone will be the day I shut down shop.
I am a developer and don't have the knowledge/will to manage my own servers. I have better things to worry about than "why is my box not responding..? again...?"
In the +-5 years that I have been here 99.9999% of the downtime was due to my own stupidity that one of yous had to sort in the end.
The 0.0001% downtime, preventable or not is more than acceptable in my opinion. We are all humans and make mistakes. As long as someone learned something from it.