Am I on a new node?!


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I have had a 1GB / 15GB VPS on node vz48-la for about a month.

Since day 1 the load on my VPS (when checking in WHM and using the Status2K monitoring script) has never been above 0.5 .. and that was when I was installing ASSP and restoring some migrated accounts in WHM. It's usually around 0.05 :)

In the past with a couple of VPS's I've experienced bad load problems of 10, 20, 30 and sometimes over 50+ .. even though my 50-ish sites are always very quiet, low-use personal email accounts. Previous providers would blame a neighbouring VPS and would assure me they'd investigate, but nothing ever changed.

So I'm wondering - am I the only VPS on a new node?! I somehow doubt it because of the popularity in the WHT offers forums.

Or is this an example of "you get what you pay for". ie, Knownhost aren't the cheapest but they do everything properly and deliver a quality product. :)

Thanks for any reassurances!

(And thanks to KH for a great first month!)

I see slowdowns on my vps sometimes in the early morning but they usually pass within an hour or so. I have always just assumed someone else has their backups scheduled for that time.

Otherwise normally usage is extremely low and the system is extremely responsive just like you say :) and I've been around a while...