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After reading post after post on your reliability and support (primarily on WHT), I'm just about ready to sign up with you folks. I do have a few questions, though... I'm basically trying to figure out which plan will fit my needs best. Advice appreciated...
  • My most critical need is reliable email for about 10 users. I'm managing a site for my church, and the email performance of my current shared hosting is simply horrendous. Rarely does a week go by without me hearing about some email never reaching its intended recipient or bouncing, etc. I need email that works, period.
  • I have two domains to host. Space and bandwith needs are pretty small - mostly just serving pages and the occasional PDF file. There are plans to someday stream video, but that need is probably 6mos-1yr out.
  • I'll be looking to start up a forum. Usage will be very slight, though - just church committees communicating.
Again, thanks for any advice. I'm looking forward to eliminating a few headaches.:)
-Greg Wellman
Hello Greg,

Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. Based on your needs I would recommend a VPS for the main reason you get your own mail server along with your own IP's so you don't need to share a mail server like you do currently with shared hosting. VPS's are also quite popular for forums as we host many small and very large forums currently and see good results with them. I don't know what control panel you currently use but most use cPanel. If this is what you require I would recommend looking at our VPS L or VPS XL. This should be plenty for your needs but will also allow you to grow. Keep in mind if you use a control panel now and select a VPS with us we will migrate that data for you as long as we have access to your old hosting plan. I hope this answers your questions. Hope to see you signup.

Thanks for your quick reply. A few more questions for you...

Can the VPS plans be made "turn-key"? I realize the performance advantages of a VPS, and they're within my budget. My worry is that maintenance will be beyond my abilities. My previous two hosts have both been shared with H-Sphere CPs, which were pretty easy to manage.

From a maintenance perspective, if I order a VPS with cPanel and Fantastico, will it be "just as easy" as operating a shared plan? I know there will be some small learning curve with cPanel; I'm just not a Linux genius, and I don't desire to become one just to keep two small sites up.

Thanks for your help...

A VPS is a little bit different then running a shared hosting plan but we do understand there is a learning curve and are here to help you get everything set up. With a VPS it is like you have your own mini dedicated server so there is a little bit of maintenance involved. We have alot of customers who move from shared hosting and cPanel is always the control panel of choice. It is very user friendly. Please let me know if you have any further questions. We look forward to doing business with you.

OK, just one more... What port does the cPanel interface use? If it's not a standard internet port, can it be made to use one? My employer has very restrictive firewall settings, and it's convenient to do site maintenance on my lunch break.

Almost ready to pull the trigger. Thanks!

cPanel is accessable on port 2086. You access it by going to:

http://YOUR IP:2086/

Please let me know if you need anything else.