Advise Server that is using Bandwidth


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My streaming server is using +- 8GB on bandwidth. I'm on the old plan. I'm using less then 10GB on Diskspace, and Less then 2.5 GB Memory. Since it's only using Bandwidth.
I'm hosting over 4 years here and it's been good.

But the bandwidth keeps increasing and on the new SSD plans, the amount of BW is way less then on the old plans, so moving to SSD is no option for me. (Current plan 9TB, NEW SSD plan starts at 2 TB) for almost twice the price.

Last week I have upgraded to the old VPS 4 and today I received a mail again that I used 90% Bandwidth.

For the price I'm currently paying I see a lot of cheaper options at other providers and also unmetered 100Mbps bandwidth plans. Another option I see is at another host:

A SSD server with 15TB Bandwidth for $30.
But here I'm paying $40.80 for 9TB.

Any tips? Since I don't want to move.

Thanks for the professional service as usual!
Hi @marcacer

What type of content are you streaming to use that much bandwidth?
I'd be leery of what kind of support and management you'd get for that kind of price to be honest.

If you can give me some more details regarding your content I'm sure we can find a solution for you that works well and won't break the bank.
Hi Daniel, please check Ticket: #966196

We are streaming audio. (shoutcast). Hope I can get a plan or a unmetered 100Mbps solution or something. It's not really about the space and ram, but the bandwidth.