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Ok I've read about the no adult content, but exactally why is this and what are the border lines?

Vps and virtual servers are still no adult content? Just wondering because I am clean on that but someone has been asking my about a dating site that is sort of border line, with some occassional nudie pictures.

I do have a virtual hosting package and at this point not sure what to tell them.

I like the whole vps thing and try to stray from this if possible but if it's legal it seems right. I mean how many actually have legal mp3's that they actually track on there server or space?

Believe me I don't want any adult related if possible but when you go down the dating line it starts to get iffy and hard to control and monitor what each individual posts.

Just wondering...any input?

Hey gameutopia~!

As the knownhost TOS / AUP states,
That no adult material is allowed however -
There are exceptions.

The exceptions are as follows:
As long as the material is LEGAL
and follows numerous laws about pornography,
You can host it.
However, Im not sure about a dating site - I would ask Paul or Jay :]

Taken from AUP:
  • constitutes child pornography;
  • constitutes pornography
Not allowed.