Addon Domain or Additional Account (pros & cons)?



It's seems to me that creating an additional account would have a higher impact on VPS resources than simply creating an addon domain. I'm wondering if the advantages of creating an additional account would be worth the resource hit.

I would like to migrate over a domain from another host but before I update the DNS, I'd like to have all the data, software and SQL in place before I flip the switch at the registrar. It seems I need to have the DNS pointing to the KH VPS before I create an addon domain, precluding me from having everything in place beforehand, which in not a requirement if I create a new account.

What are your thoughts on this and what would be my best option?


Adding an account has no additional overhead versus an addon domain, and is the preferred way to add domains to your VPS. This makes moving sites around in the future easier, and offers a bit more security between sites by differentiating file ownerships (in suPHP & FastCGI).
@Jonathan - Thanks for the clarification. I just assumed having multiple active cPanels would be more resource intensive but since that isn't the case, a new account is most certainly the way I'd prefer to proceed.

@awehost - Thanks for the link. The very first line excludes me because I don't have root access at the other host.

Once everything is in place, I can setup the old site in maintenance mode and flip the switch. It shouldn't take too long to propagate and when the DNS gets updated for a given user, they will be directed to the new site, which isn't in maintenance mode. At that point, they can login and pick up where they left off.

I think I have a plan! :D