Additional Payment Options

Mario P

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First I would like to say that after visiting so many different web hosting sites, Knownhost is one of the most professional I have come across.

I also want to publicly commend both Joel and Jay on outstanding pre-sales customer service. Especially in the face of a persistent customer who was, how shall I describe, persistently difficult.

I read here in one of the KH forums there are other members who like myself do not feel comfortable using a credit card. See the link below.

I pay through paypal but it's pretty annoying to pay bill manually every month. Can you please have an option for recurrent bill payment with paypal. I don't want to use credit card since I am more comfortable with PayPal...[/font]

Therefore I was forced to search for a solution and found one.
  • Solution: The solution I found was purchasing a disposable Visa gift card that you can simply add a balance to or buy a new card when you use the available balance. If you are planning on paying for a hosting plan for a period of year or longer in advance this gift card is a great way to handle this dilemma.
They can be obtained at any Wal-marl or large grocery store chain and utilizing them can help protect your own personal account from hackers or having your card or banking info sailing around cyber space. If you are not using your personal account it cannot become victimized. (For the record I do feel I could trust KN with a card number, just not hackers who take advantage of cyberspace in general)
  • Suggestion: I also hope one day that Knownhost will allow US Postal Money Orders to be an optional payment as they can be purchased only at a local US Post Office where cameras are used to see each transaction and where federal law makes it a federal crime to use the Postal or Postal wire service as a means to fraud.
For the additional time and paperwork these types of additional payment options and transactions create the payment option might only be available for longer hosting term plans, such as two year contracts or longer, with a three week clearing period for all Money Orders.
Debit cards are another way of solving the issue, and most banks will give you one free of charge. I have a checking account specifically setup for online and other purchases. I can immediately transfer funds from other accounts into that account when I need to use the card. I rarely keep more than $100 in that account, so if somebody actually does try to use the card (as happened recently...somebody created a fake card using my credentials and tried charging $1000 in Las Vegas), it won't work. If they manage to successfully charge smaller items, I'm only out $100 until my bank can straighten things out and refund my money. Not a big deal.

A lot of people are paranoid about using credit cards online, and the paranoia isn't unfounded. Banks take forever to straighten things out, and in the meantime, you may have no/limited access to your comprimised account. Makes perfect sense to play it safe.