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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Skyview, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Skyview

    Skyview Member

    This came up in another area but seemed as though this was the appropriate place for it, so I would like to suggest that KH consider, as they continue to update/upgrade their service offerings to clients, providing 3-4 IP addresses with every VPS account purchased, and a minimum of 4 with Hybrid Server accounts. Just seems to be closer to the norm for these types of accounts based on what I have seen. Thanks.
  2. Jleagle

    Jleagle New Member

    Maybe just me, but ive never seen hosting with more than 2 free IPs
  3. gameutopia

    gameutopia New Member

    I've seen other vps providers that offer between 2-5 ips with their accounts, some give more with their more expensive package they offer. Dedicated seems closer to 8, with the option to get much more.

    I can see how more would be handy for ssl certificates and such. Some people have a lot more going on and use for them than I do, so I certainly understand.

    I personally don't really need more at the moment, but who knows what I might in the future. If more were included you wouldn't see me complaining or anything. I have a few ideas for future developement that might require additional ips, but at $.75 each I think that is still a pretty good price.
  4. Skyview

    Skyview Member

    Everyone's experiences are unique...the ones I have with VPS providers just happen to provide more then 2. I won't list them in the forum for obvious reasons, but if you're curious you can PM me.

    There just seemed to be several others who thought the same thing in another thread, that's why I thought it deserved a topic here.
  5. Jleagle

    Jleagle New Member

    I usually have a cheap package :D
  6. kubel

    kubel New Member

    You need justification for IP addresses. If you aren't going to use an IP address, you aren't supposed to be issued one. I think that's why KH chooses to assign two each initially.
  7. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    Kubel, like I noted in the other thread on this topic, it's really easy to justify at least 3: Two for the nameservers, and one for the main site/ssl, e-commerce, etc. This is especially true if you are using your VPS for any sort of webhosting.
  8. kubel

    kubel New Member

    I agree, three would be the perfect amount to start. But starting an account with five would mean two or three IP addresses would be unused for most clients.
  9. Skyview

    Skyview Member

    I know this doesn't apply to all KH clients, but I'm guessing it would fit for a good majority of them:

    IP 1 - nameserver 1
    IP 2 - nameserver 2
    IP 3 - SSL Cert. usage
    IP 4 - Shared IP for websites
  10. KH-Paul

    KH-Paul CTO Staff Member



    Justifies only two IPs. Usual / common configuration is:
    First IP: primary shared IP of the system /
    Second IP: either free or for SSL site /

    Running a nameserver doesn't mean that you can't use same IPs for web, mail, etc hosting. DNS and web sites are running on different ports and don't anyhow conflict with each other.

  11. Bryan

    Bryan Very Happy KH VPS User

    Paul, yes, I know you can host other websites on say the nameserver IP...that's exactly how we do our shared accounts. But in my experiences, SSL/e-commerce sites that don't run on their own dedicated IP just cause headaches. Have I been doing something wrong?

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