Adding subdomain to DNS Zone


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I have a VPS server with Knowhhost and a shared server with Hostgator (where I host the forums, since they are not so important).
I would like to know how to edit the DNS Zone in WHM to Hostgator. and work since they are hosted at Knownhost, but I have to add also which is hosted on a shared account with Hostgator.

I tried adding the following rule trough Edit DNS Zones:
forum 14400 IN A
But it doesnt work.

How should I configure the DNS Zones?
This are the nameservers and the ip of the Hostgator server:
I solved it with a support ticket.

For future reference:
To add a subdomain to the DNS zone that is hosted on another server you must go to: Add DNS Zone and input the subdomain name and the IP adress of the server.