Adding PHP modules?

hmm...i was just trying the command
i got the following error:

warning: locate: could not open database: /var/lib/slocate/slocate.db: No such file or directory
warning: You need to run the 'updatedb' command (as root) to create the database.
Please have a look at /etc/updatedb.conf to enable the daily cron job.

what would be reason?
Easiest way to locate the php.ini that is being used is to do a phpinfo. Just create a file that has this in it:


phpinfo ()


And save it as a php file (phpinfo.php for instance). Then upload it to your website and point your browser to it.

Locating this file is not going to allow you to add a php module though. Under software in WHM is Update Apache. Once there click the button to load the previous config and you will see what was previously set up.

Hope that helps

hmm...i was just trying the command
i got the following error:

what would be reason?

The "locate" command queries a database to search for files. It appears that this is the first time you're attempting a search and you're getting the message that this database is not populated. If you run "updatedb" (no quotes), this will populate the database with what files are currently on your system. You'll need to run this command from time to time to make sure that this captures changes to your system.
So it turned out to be an apache module needed.

Directions for others:

Log in to WHM.
Under 'Software' on the left bar, click on 'Apache Update'
Check the boxes you need.
Click 'Start Build'
Grab a coffee (It's a bit of a wait)

Enjoy! :)